Technological innovations in these years are really remarkable in any field, and every day you hear the news on innovations and feel that the next chapter of manufacturing business is very close.

Let's take our customers' products for example. Their automobiles are in the state of creative destruction, with hybrid engines, electric cars, and fuel cells. In the field of information technology, you can see dramatic improvement in the volume and speed of information that can be processed, and  there are clear differences between products from different generations such as audio-visual products, home appliances, and general consumer goods.

And also, in the fields of energy and materials, we are witnessing a shift from non-reusable energy such as fossil fuel and natural resources to earth-friendly energy such as fuel cells, solar power, and reusable natural resources.  Industries related to the new type of energy will attract people's attention.

If you look at another aspect of manufacturing business, globalization of enterprises shows no sign of stopping, and now enterprises cover the entire globe. In the future, we could consider the advance into the Middle East and Africa will get into high gear in addition to BRICS. We might need new principle or new sense of values.

In this dramatic change of time, we as SANKO GOSEI are getting a firm grip on this wave of change in terms of manufacturing, and challenging on various types of innovations. We are able to provide our customers with proposals and support on next-generation technology on a global scale. Our goal is to bring to our customers "new value and new joy" anytime, no matter where they are on the earth.

It is our hope that all the stockholders will give even more support and encouragement.

Representative Director / President
Kenso Kuroda