(1) Our Basic Management Policy

Management policy of our group is;

"Safety and Steadiness" (service to our customers, responsibility to stockholders, and improvement of lives of employees),
"Innovation" (development of parts that demands high level of accuracy, high level of machining technology, and management system), and
"Going Public" (co-existence with community, consideration for environment, and social responsibility).

With the three visions mentioned above, we are taking up the challenge of the new age as a "Plastic Engineering Company." We are also expanding our production system on a global scale, establishing new production sites and sales offices in Europe, Asia, and North America. We will continue to look one step ahead of the times, and our goal is to contribute to society and to be highly appreciated in the global stage.

(2) Management Index to Be Targeted

In our group companies, we consider profit to be important, and operating profit on sales is our main management index. In the mid-term, our target is  that our operating profit on sales will be 8 % or higher. We also consider stockholders' profit to be important, and improvement of "Return on Equity (ROE)" is also our target.

(3) Mid-Term Management Policy

Our group companies have the production system that ranges from product design, mold design, molding, painting, assembly to production of labor-saving equipment. Taking the full advantage of our technological skills and know-how, we maximize the characteristics of resin materials to produce plastic parts. In order to get ahead in global competition,  we will realize "optimal production locations," "shortest lead time for development by global standards, and "modules with prices and functions that are competitive in global market."

(4) Business Climate

The business climate surrounding our group companies in this financial year has been on a moderate recovery track  as corporate earnings, employment, and income improved thanks to government policies. On the other hand, the future prospects continues to be uncertain with unstable factors such as situations in the Middle East and trade frictions, even though economies in Europe, U.S.A., and China continued to be robust.v

(5) Issues to Be Addressed

Concerning the outlook on the future, we suppose that our business environment will remain very uncertain as the global economy and currency exchange markets can be tremendously affected by policies of U.S. government, economies of European countries, and etc.

Our group companies are trying hard to get contracts for products and molds with greater added values. In order to establish profit-producing system and to strengthen management quality, our group companies will come together and implement measures shown below;


[1] In order to improve profit-producing power, all of our group companies will try hard to get contracts for products with greater added values and to ensure profit by shortening the time for developing products and by reducing production cost.


[2] With "global growth" being our basic strategy, we will make sure that all the factories and offices in Japan and overseas will be self-sustaining with high level of production skills. We will improve our competitiveness, which includes quality, prices, lead time, and product development at the top level in the industry, so that our customers will be satisfied.


[3] We will expand our sales of high-quality molds for automobiles and other products on a global scale. The molds will mainly produced by S-VANCE LTD. and SANKO SVANCE JRG TOOLING INDIA PRIVATE LTD.


[4] We will develop new products by collaborating with our capital-alliance partner "Futaba Corporation" and by combining our technical know-how with theirs.


[5] We will produce and sell plastic molded parts in our new factory in SANKO GOSEI TECHNOLOGY INDIA PRIVATE LTD., which is our subsidiary in India.


[6] We will work on producing profit in WUHAM SANKO GOSEI CO., LTD. , which is our new subsidiary in Wuhan, China.